Who We Are

The Coven of Leaves is a lineaged Gardnerian coven of the Long Island line. Gardnerian Craft is a mystery tradition from the British Isles whose roots go back into antiquity; it was brought into public view by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente in the 1950s, eventually giving rise to the diverse images of Wicca we know today.

Our Covenstead is situated in the mountain wilds of Western North Carolina, led by third-degree High Priestess Mortellus. The members have diverse ages and backgrounds, ranging from longstanding pillars of the pagan community to novices with little background in witchcraft at all. Despite Gardnerian Crafts reputation for rigidity, we are orthopraxic rather than orthodoxic; the coven does not prescibe a system of belief or lifestyle to its participants, but teaches the mysteries of the Craft – in phases, as the knowledge is earned – to be observed through rituals and otherwise appropriated into individual practice.

The Coven currently serves the community with an Outer Court and Inner Court. Outer Court has been described as a sort of interview for the mysteries of Inner Court – though a certain level of discretion is expected. If you are interested in joining our tradition, or simply seeking further information, please contact Mortellus at covenofleaves@gmail.com – serious inquiries will be answered, and messages should include information about yourself, your level of experience, and what draws you to Gardnerian Craft.